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Our Team

We consider our manpower as the strongest asset of our firm. JB Ecotex has a specialized team of professionals in their departments and has set-up separate departments to handle all the segments like Purchase, Sales, Production, Quality Control and Logistics. The professional team pulls much needed aspirations from our Chairperson Mr. Jitendra Arya, who provides brilliant direction and leadership. His enthusiasm and intelligence always guides us and it will surely help JB Ecotex to reach high status of excellence. His wide knowledge and wonderful promoting practices combined with the broad contacts gives JB Ecotex, a leading advantage.

The whole production is under highly capable and experienced technicians and the quality is supervised and controlled at each stage of production.


No matter what JB Ecotex makes, for us quality of end product is always the supreme.

JB Group’s experience in the textile industry and outstanding teamwork supports to produce good quality products. Our excellent manufacturing facility also adds values to our products. Our core focus is to provide proficient and trustworthy services to every customer.

We at JB Ecotex aim to retain continuous quality by testing our fibres in high tech laboratory. We put all our effort to make sure that our valuable clients always get the best quality.

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