How JB Ecotex ReNAYA Exceeds Virgin Plastic Benchmarks

June 01, 2023

JB Ecotex is the leading RPSF manufacturer in India, where recycling plastic is the mantra for a greener, cleaner planet. The PET fiber plant in India recycles tonnes of plastic waste to obtain the most demanded fiber of this era: the recycled polyester staple fiber.

The company has been in action since recycled polyester staple fiber (RPSF) manufacturing was in the early stages in the country. With constant innovation and acquiring the latest equipment, the best quality recycled PET fiber is reaching manufacturers today.

Why is Recycled Polyester Staple FIBER (RPSF) manufacturing so Popular?

There were times when people were irked hearing the term recycled. They thought recycled products were unsafe to use and may not be durable. However, the Indian government continued pursuing products made of recycled material.

This was achieved with rigorous awareness programs and standardizing RPSF manufacturing in India. Standardization ensured that the output matched the global standards, further establishing end-user trust.

Today, India is involved in recycled polyester staple fiber export and offering the best quality fibers to companies across the globe. Here are some major properties that make recycled polyester a great fiber:

High tensile strength of RPSF

High abrasion resistance

Recycled PET fiber is Heat resistant

Amorphous structure

The quick-drying property of recycled polyester staple fiber in India makes it ideal for sportswear and athleisure.

Wrinkle resistance

As the best RPSF Manufacturer in India, JB Ecotex has clients from all industries, aiming to manufacture fiber in different deniers, strengths, and opacity.

Why JB Ecotex leads as the best RPSF Manufacturer in India?

There are several recycled polyester staple fiber manufacturers in India. Still, JB Ecotex has the edge over the competition because of Nirmal Vasundhara, a sister company that deals in plastic waste management and EPR services.

This is an advantage since the company is not dependent on any organization for plastic waste supply, the raw material for manufacturing recycled polyester staple fiber in India. The well-designed framework for waste collection and then recycling process ensures no compromise with the quality.

JB Ecotex believes in continuous improvement to keep ahead of other recycled polyester staple fiber suppliers. This resulted in a new product called ReNAYA.


What is ReNAYA, and how it wins over RPSF?

Recycled polyester staple fiber (RPSF) manufacturers in Gujarat offer a variety of fibers, but ReNAYA has an advantage over regular fiber. This fiber comes with a 100% dye guarantee, meaning that companies procuring it can color it as per their requirements and will get better results than normal recycled polyester.

Also, the major difference is that this product is equivalent to virgin polyester in all parameters. It is a premium version of recycled polyester, and very few recycled polyester staple fiber suppliers deal in this variant. The name ReNAYA is a word derived from Recycle and NAYA. NAYA is the Hindi word for new; hence, it symbolizes yarn as good as virgin polyester.

The company wants to promote the recycled polyester staple fiber export, of which ReNAYA will be the star seller. Apart from this, JB Ecotex is a major manufacturer of recycled PET flakes in Surat, and clients from all sectors buy the flakes and chips due to their high quality. Here are some details of the yarns produced in the company’s PET fiber plant in India:

There are three shades of ReNAYA yarns: Hansa white, Feher white, and ivory white. As the best RPSF Manufacturer in India, the company caters to various needs from clothing manufacturers, furnishing, automobiles, and other businesses.

The yarns are available in different deniers and cuts, which means that soft, coarse, small, and big threads are offered, which ensures ample options for buyers. The variety of options gives an edge over the other recycled polyester staple fiber manufacturers in India.

The company also has a high-quality black color variant, which few recycled polyester staple fiber (RPSF) manufacturers in Gujarat can offer. This black yarn is equivalent to virgin black polyester.

Key Takeaways

In India RPSF manufacturing is a booming industry. It will grow in the coming years due to the increasing demand for fiber and the need to replace virgin polyester to the maximum possible extent. JB Ecotex is determined to acquire the latest technology and use its expertise to cater to the emerging market.

With JB Ecotex, the recycled fiber market will be revolutionized, and manufacturers will have better options for raw materials resulting in better products for end users.