Major Applications of Recycled Polyester Staple Fibre (RPSF)

July 01, 2023

Recycled Polyester Staple Fiber is the new trend in the fiber segment. Its demand has been increasing considerably due to its properties. Experts believe RPSF will soon replace virgin polyester and grab the highest share in the fiber industry.

Recycled polyester is obtained from waste PET bottles that consumers throw after use. The recycled version has almost equivalent properties to virgin polyester. As a result, most industries have already switched to recycled polyester. Brands are advertising their products made of recycled fiber to create a positive brand image and positive hype amongst consumers.

Clothing Industry: Major Consumer of Recycled Polyester

The fashion and clothing industry consumes a considerable percentage of fiber produced by the best RPSF manufacturers across India. The properties like high strength and moisture absorption make it an ideal choice for sportswear and athleisure. The demand from this segment has pushed the country's recycled polyester staple fiber (RPSF) manufacturing.


Other Industries with Recycled Polyester Staple Fiber (RPSF) Applications

Apart from clothing, several industries outsource recycled polyester from RPSF manufacturers in Gujarat, Punjab, and other states. Below are some major applications of RPSF:

o Fleece and comforters: Recycled polyester has insulation characteristics, making it an ideal choice for comforters and fleece. People who track at high altitudes especially prefer sleeping bags made of recycled polyester.

o Footwear: An exciting category, several brands design unique, lightweight footwear for men and women. These are comfortable and easy to manage. Unlike leather or suede shoes, the ones made of recycled fiber can be washed and dried.

o Sewing threads: The best RPSF Manufacturers in India are suppliers of sewing threads. This is due to the higher and superior tensile strength.

o Non-woven carpets: Carpets made with the best quality recycled polyester stay intact for a long time. The recycled polyester staple fiber manufacturer in Surat and other cities renders the best quality fiber with a long life and classy aesthetic appeal.

o Luggage bags: Companies in high-quality RPSF manufacturing in India render their fiber for luggage bags as these are lightweight and wear-tear proof.

o Products: Conveyor belts, seats, and belt fabrics.

o Artificial hair fibers: Fine-quality recycled polyester is also used in artificial hair and wigs. These looks real and can be dyed to get the desired shade.

o Home decor: Recycled polyester is extensively used in home décor items like cushions and curtains, as a filling agent in pillows, etc.

The usage of recycled polyester has grown considerably as people have become aware of the fibre’s properties. Earlier, people were reluctant to use a fabric obtained by recycling waste bottles, but today, people specifically search for products made with this fiber. Thus, there are still new avenues that RPSF can conquer.

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