What is Denier in Recycled Polyester Staple Fiber (RPSF)

May 16, 2023

Recycled polyester staple fiber in India has gained popularity in industries like clothing, upholstery, insulation, furnishing, etc. A few years ago, the demand was low since people were reluctant to use products made of recycled fiber. There were concerns about the fiber quality and the reaction to the skin. Also, RPSF manufacturing in India was in a nascent stage then.

Today, the scenario has changed; recycled polyester is all set to replace virgin polyester and grab the highest share of the fabric market. The transformation is due to technological advancements and the governments taking steps to standardize RPSF manufacturing in India.

Recyclers and manufacturers must follow standard procedures to obtain recycled fiber, ensuring high quality and can be used in making any product.

Why recycled polyester is the future fiber?

Currently, virgin polyester has the maximum market share. But the disadvantage associated with this fiber can impact the environmental balance in the future. This is because synthetic polyester is obtained from ethylene, a constituent of petroleum. It involves the consumption of natural resources like water. Thus, in the long run, this fabric may contribute to an imbalance in nature.

Recycled polyester produced by the best RPSF Manufacturer in India is a sustainable alternative as it consumes fewer resources and does not involve petroleum. Also, it helps in reducing plastic waste accumulation. Discarded PET bottles and other recyclable plastic waste is collected and recycled in units to obtain high-quality RPSF bales. These bales are then supplied to manufacturers from different industries.

How is the quality of RPSF in India determined?

The governments have taken recycling policies seriously and defined benchmarks for the final output, ensuring that the fiber quality is high and per world standards. One way to measure the quality of the fiber is by determining its thickness.

RPSF manufacturers in India take filaments or individual fiber threads and measure their thickness. The unit used for measurement is a denier. It is a direct method of quality check. Fibers with higher deniers are believed to be more durable and sturdier. Denier in RPSF is expressed as grams per 9000 meters.

Since every industry has different requirements, the recycled polyester staple fiber manufacturer in Gujarat, Delhi, Maharashtra, and other states produce recycled polyester accordingly. For upholstery, where recycled polyester is used as a filling agent, fibers with lower deniers are preferred since they are silky, lightweight, and soft. On the other hand, companies dealing with clothing and insulation demand recycled fibers with higher deniers.


What does Denier in RPSF signify?

Below are some properties associated with recycled polyester staple fiber in India. Each property can be defined well based on the denier of the yarn.

Light vs. heavy: Fibers with lower denials are lighter, and the ones with higher values are heavy. For example, if two fiber specimens are taken, and the first one has double the denier of the second, then it is easy to infer that the first yarn will have double the weight of the second.

Texture: There are several textures of RPSF in India. The fibers with high deniers are coarse and strong. These are apt for clothing, especially warm clothes. Low-denier polyester will be soft and pliable. The automobile industry uses the soft RPSF to fill in the seats for a comfortable seating experience.

Appearance and transparency: Recycled polyester staple fiber manufacturers in Gujarat and other parts of the country offer all varieties of fiber as per client needs. The fibers with higher denials are opaque, and the ones with lower values are sheer. Good quality, low-denier fiber from the best RPSF Manufacturer in India is widely used in stockings.

Key Takeaways

Recycled polyester has revolutionized the fiber segment and is a great invention for humans and nature. With increasing demand for recycled polyester, we at JB Ecotex, a leading Recycled Polyester Staple Fiber (RPSF) manufacturer in India, are constantly upgrading our technology and using expertise to ensure that our fiber is of highest quality and is offered in different denier specifications.