“Premium Dyeing Guarantee RPSF”

Manufacturing 5000 Mt Per Month
High Quality Recycled Polyester Staple Fiber (RPSF)

About JB ECOTEX Limited

JB Ecotex Limited is one of the leading Recycled Polyester Staple Fiber (RPSF) manufacturers with a production capacity of 60000 MT/Annum. Today company is known for quality and commitment.

JB Ecotex Limited is strategically placed to provide efficient logistics service locally as well as globally. With our Young, energetic team along with an impeccable production management system, JB ECOTEX Limited is well versed in the supply of the finest quality fiber to any place across the world.

What We Sell


With ReNAYA RPSF company is supplying recycled polyester staple fiber which is having quality parameter very next to virgin PSF. With ReNAYA RPSF, JB ECOTEX Limited is giving dying guarantee also.


Recycled Polyester Staple Fiber is made up with most care and available in valid parameter which is suitable to different industries like spinning, non-woven and technical textiles.

rPET Flakes

rPET flakes are made up used water and cold drinks bottles and being offered with different qualities parameter for use in manufacturing B to B, sheet, fiber and PET Strap and many more.

What We Buy

PET Bottles

JB Ecotex Limited is recycling 1.2 crore pet bottles per day and buying all types of used pet bottles in all colours.

rPET Flakes

rPET flakes are used for manufacturing RSPF and JB Ecotex Limited is buying rPET Flakes in all colours and valid quality parameters.

rPET Chips

rPET Chips made up of different pet waste can also be used in the manufacturing of RSPF.The company is buying rPET chips in varied colours.

Extended Producer Responsibility

The producer’s responsibility to manage the product till the end of its life for the betterment of the environment is called Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), the Government of India has mandated Extended Producer Responsibility for plastic waste on all the producers, importers and brand owners (PIBO). Basically, the ones who bring plastic waste into the system.

JB Ecotex Limited has tied up with Nirmal Vasundhara Pvt Limited for the marketing of EPR Credit generated by recycling used water and cold drink bottles.

Our Certification