rPET Technology

Waste Pet Bottles To Flakes


Food Grade Washing line from “Boretech” & “Zerma” Crusher to produce purest quality of Flakes required for food grade rPET pellets.

Acing in production of food grade rPET FLAKES with the current setup and supplying the same to different food grade rPET manufacturers worldwide.

Storing Foodgrade feedstock separtely as per guideline for tracebality.

rPET Flakes To rPET Pellets


Vacuum-supported solid stated polycondensation (SSP from polymetrix) with proven vacurema technology for extrusion of rPET Flakes and decontamination as per food grade standards.

EREMA VACCUNITE - First installation and commissioning in INDIA.

EFSA and US FDA certified- compliance for use in food grade technology.

rPET Technology – Process Flow


rPET Pellets Specification

EFSA & US FDA Food grade approved rPET PELLETS
Intrisic Viscosity 0.80 ± 0.02 dL / gm ( for 1 grade)
Melting Point 250° ± 3° C
Crystallinity > 50%
Crystallinity > 50%
CIE (L, a, b) Color L* > 66.0, a* – 1.5 ± 0.5, b* < 2.0 #
Pellets / Gram 55 ± 5
Pellet Shape Spherical
Moisture Content < 0.5 % MAX
Bulk Density 700-800 kg / m3
Fines < 200 ppm
AA < 1 ppm
Benzene < 100 ppb
Limonene < 50 ppb

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